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What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is one in which multiple devices typically used to control thermostats, gates, doors, lighting and much more operates together in order to simplify life by using a set of defined automation’s. Automation’s are typically routines that occur when external events happen.

For example, when Sunset occurs all of your outdoor garden lighting switches on. Or when the temperature of the your home is too great, the air conditioning switches on.

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    Our smart homes give you control of just about every day imaginable, even those which are typically less smart such as older style TV’s or Air conditioners. We can even use Amazon Alexa to turn them on using your voice! You’ll be surprised what Netsecure Automation can integrate so give us a call.


    Sydney Smart Home
    Never use a light switch again!

    Infinite control

    Lighting controlled by movement, levels of light, time of day or season.

    Actions based on presence – We can determine who is home and perform actions based off this.

    Customised Alexa voice control allows us to use Alexa to control devices using almost any phrase – Alexa, Let’s watch a movie.

    Sydney Smart Home
    Scenes are a series of events that occur such as your garden lights switching on when its dusk.


    Scenes are created by Netsecure Automation to perform a number of activities when an event occurs. Our most popular, is the welcome home. When your door or gate is unlocked using the keyring fob, the door unlocks, outdoor lighting is switched on and internal ambient lighting is switched on. When the front door is closed, we’ll even automatically lock it after a few minutes for added security.

    Sydney Smart Home
    Home Automation can tackle many problems within the home such as keeping your wine at a constant temperature, year round.

    Solve problems

    Automation helps solve common problems using technology. It’s not always about voice control and having the ability to switch a light on remotely. Read about how we’ve helped our customers with solutions designed to solve problems. You’ll be surprised what types of solutions can be developed using our automation platform.


    Our interface is created by us, for you. This means we design it for your needs, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our easy to use, graphical system is available across all devices