Integration experts

Integration experts

Looking for an integration expert? Confused about what technology to choose? Need some guidance on how best to approach smart home design? Netsecure Automation can help you answer these and many more questions. As your trusted smart home integrator we specialise in integrating all types of smart home technology to enhance your quality of life.

Insured and licensed

Licensed and Insured

Netsecure Automation are your trusted integrator based in Sydney, NSW. We are licensed and insured to provide you peace of mind. We come from 20 years experience in the IT and Automation field so you can depend on our experience to ensure the right outcome for your home.

Building smart homes for the future

Ever wanted control of your home, even when you're not there? Add safety and security to your life, save on energy, automate every day tasks such as lighting control or an audio/visual product.

Automate almost anything

The sky is the limit when it comes to the range of products Netsecure Automation can help you integrate. Whilst many think a smart home is only available with the use of the latest cutting edge technology, Netsecure Automation can even automate non smart home devices such as IR controlled air conditioners or televisions.

Easy to use, designed for you

Our systems provide easy to use user interfaces that can be driven with your voice, hand and a large range of mobile devices. Customised themes, colours, graphics and dashboards to suit your every day needs. Our competitors typically offer a one size fits all solution that may not be right for your home.

Welcome to Netsecure Automation

Netsecure Automation makes having a smart home easy.  We bring together technologies such as Z-Wave, ZigBee and WIFI to seamlessly integrate them into your home. We’re technology and vendor agnostic, focusing completely on providing you control over the automation of your home. Automate Your Home in Sydney. Let us integrate your technology to create a harmonious home automation system.


Smart home technology is simply one or many devices designed to allow control from anywhere, from any device in a secure and easy to use manner.

Examples of smart home products include:

  • Wireless & IP AV receivers
  • IP enabled air conditioning controllers
  • ZWave lighting relays
  • Smart locks
  • Door and gate contact sensors
  • Solar smart meters
  • Wireless irrigation controllers
  • Thermostats
  • Scenes controllers
  • Motion sensors


We can set you up to be able to control all of these things, and more, from any mobile, tablet or PC, seamlessly integrating technology into your life. We are your leading Smart Home Setup and Installation Sydney partner. Contact us to find out more.


At Netsecure Automation we’re about making life easier. We take complex technology and make it work for you and your home.

Have you ever been patiently waiting on a package to be delivered, only to get home from work and find a slip in your letterbox letting you know that it’s now waiting at the local post office for you? I’ve lost track of the number of times online sellers insist on sending packages with ‘signature required on delivery’ and like most of us, I’m not able to sit by my door waiting for Australia Post to deliver my package.

Technology can help make everyday situations like this simpler. Instead of waiting at home for the post man to arrive, you could get a phone call wherever you are in the world, unlock the gate and watch him deliver your package right to the front door safely, securely and simply.

Let us do the tricky work for you, contact us today to find out how we can make tech in your home work harder, so that your life gets simpler.

We Strive to Provide Smart Home Automation Systems in Sydney





Intelligent lighting is one of the pillars of a smart home. Netsecure Automation makes use of Z-Wave technology to offer wireless light control. Dimming, On-Off, Motion and Scene driven are some of the available options

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Motion & Presence Sensing


One of the most useful features Netsecure Automation can build into your ideal system is presence and motion detection. Our system is able through the use of triangulation and WIFI, detect who is or is not within the home. Based on such logic, scenes and rules can take over to provide automation control.

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Gate, Garage & Door Control


Knowing which doors are open is sometimes useful when you’ve left the home. Being able to close or open garages, doors or gates is even more powerful. Imagine having the ability to remotely let family, friends or other visitors into your home without ever having to provide them a key.

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Audio & Visual


It’s nice to come home to some of your favorite playlists as you unwind. Netsecure Automation can integrate Spotify into your favorite user interface to provide the user with typical play controls and playlist functions.

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Power Management


For the eco savvy power control can provide real tangible benefits to home automation customers. Each and every power switch can be monitored to provide real time and usage based consumption figures. This information can then be graphed and compared over time to see how much energy your home uses.

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Integrating cameras into your home can provide great security benefits as well as reducing insurance premiums and providing owners with peace of mind. Netsecure integrates our cameras into the system using API’s.

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