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2 Billion records stolen in a huge cloud provider hack!

2 billion records stolen in a cloud provider hack – that number is staggering. These hacktivists are exposing databases around the world of so called secure cloud providers. It’s very easy to claim you are a secure cloud provider but secure means different things to different people. Are the websites, databases and stores of information routinely tested and checked to ensure they provide what they say they do? unlikely. Netsecure Automation simply do not recommend such products to consumers. There are too many questions and far too few answers. How do you verify your information is safe? What mechanisms are in place to guarantee your information privacy?

The types of records include names, addresses and credit card details. Irrespective of what was stolen,  2 billion is an extremely large number.

Whilst some forms of data within the cloud is totally acceptable, when it comes to controlling your home and placing the responsibility of controlling your front door lock in the hands of someone else to us seems totally foreign. The issue with many cloud providers is whilst they appear to operate locally within the country almost always, the data is actually off shored. In fact, your data could be anywhere – generally where its the cheapest to store.

ALL of our products make no use of third party cloud providers where your information may be exposed to the internet by companies outside your control. Your entire data is within your control, 100% of the time. Our smart home package is kept local, right here in Sydney in secure data centres.

If you have questions or concerns about your data? Or the services of cloud providers then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide advice to consumers.


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