Netsecure Consulting Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2011 and has been in operation for 8 years where we have predominately been servicing transport, banking, media, mining, telecommunications and the utility industry. We have however 21 years of IT&T industry experience where we have been engaged from small projects right through to global scale IT and telecommunication projects. Netsecure Automation, and it’s consulting arm, Netsecure Consulting Pty Ltd have extensive experience in wired and wireless networking as well as over 10 years in IT security protecting some of the world’s largest financial assets for clients as such as Westpac.

In the last 4 years we have focused our efforts on the home building market with the growth of smart home products and services. We have successfully been able to use our combined IT&T knowledge and passion for the building industry, to offer a comprehensive set of products and services to small business, builders, architects, electricians, renovators and the DIY’er.

We are experts in bridging the worlds of automation and IT. We have typically found electrical contractors to be out of their depth with more modern home automation products such as ZWave and have found traditional systems such as Clipsal CBus lacking in features. Our extensive IT experience allows us to provide a comprehensive product offering to our clients that covers all aspects of home automation and IT networking needed to provide a robust and reliable system.

Our skillset allows us to design and build from the ground up IT and automated systems perfect for controlling all aspects of the modern home. Netsecure Automation are Sydney’s leading bespoke provider of home automation systems and IT services and are authorised resellers of Fibaro, Aeotec and DoorBird products.

If you’re building a smart home in sydney, give Netsecure Automation a call.


Netsecure Automation are about making life easy. Our mission is to provide a reliable, easy to use automation product designed to simplify the every day.


Simpify Life

Automate mundane every day tasks and get back hours of your day


Provide by peace of mind

Monitor your home, enhancing security and providing peace of mind for you and your family


Enhance Productivity

In a life so busy, who doesn’t want to reap the rewards of automation by having more time to do important things in life.


Save costs

Save money by reducing your energy foot print on the earth. Minimise utility bills by making smart decisions such as when to water the lawn or when to use the air conditioning.