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The new Doorbird D1101V

 The new Doorbird smart Intercom – D1101V The new DoorBird D1101V has just been released worldwide, offering a smaller footprint and cost. Whilst it looses the RFID ability it still provides most of the features of its bigger brother the D2101V in a much smaller footprint. With newly released brackets allowing angled mount or […]

Z Wave improvements for 2020

ZWave Improvements for 2020! I’m really excited to hear that the Z Wave Alliance have been working hard on ZWave improvements in 2020. Dubbed Z Wave 700 series there are some dramatic improvements that provide real benefits to consumers. Dramatic battery life improvement Many consumers are turned off by the notion of using batteries to […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great, relaxing and safe break and we wish you a happy new year. The bush fires have been causing devastating loss across the country and our hearts go out to those who are effected in any way. Stay safe and vigilant! We are praying for rain for […]

Yes we are working through the break!

Yes! we are working through the break! We’ve taken the wraps of our Darling Point project and handed over the system to it’s new owners. It’s definitely a nice Christmas present to move into a newly renovated and automated smart home. They will be able to soak up the view of the Harbour over Christmas […]

Darling Point Smart Home

Darling Point Smart Home Our Darling Point smart home project build is underway! Netsecure Automation are providing the lighting system with RID Projects and Electrocon. We are deploying  25 ZWave lighting switches and dimmers to provide light control. Further, the WiFi duties are being taken care of by Unifi. With IOS and Android control at […]

Integrate your Doorbird

Doorbird Integration Experts Looking to integrate your Doorbird?  Doorbird, based in Germany provide the markets leading smart intercom. A robust, well built and attractive unit it provides voice, video, gate unlocking, RFID and a stack more features. It comes with a free of charge app and whilst this seems to work well in Europe it’s […]

Castle Cove smart home project

Castle Cove smart home project Netsecure Automation is now full swing into our Castle Cove smart home project. This gorgeous four level home is making use of almost the entire home automation product suite. Netsecure Automation has taken on the task of automating the existing lighting, motion, HVAC, Doorbird intercom, networking, CCTV and multi room […]

Manage your smart home across any device

Management of your smart home, from anywhere, using any device. Securely. Manage your smart home across all devices. Device diversity is important with such a large blend of devices consumers own. When choosing your smart home, ensure the management applications work across all devices you own, or may own in the future. Netsecure Automation care […]

2 Billion records stolen in a huge cloud provider hack!

2 Billion records stolen in a huge cloud provider hack! 2 billion records stolen in a cloud provider hack – that number is staggering. These hacktivists are exposing databases around the world of so called secure cloud providers. It’s very easy to claim you are a secure cloud provider but secure means different things to […]

Real smart lock solutions

You’re looking for a smart lock. You’ve walked the aisles of Bunnings and browsed the eBay ad’s and almost everyone now has a smart lock solution that allows you to throw away your keys. But how do these really perform? What do you need to make these work properly? As it turns out many of […]