Darling Point build underway

Our Darling Point smart home project has kicked off! Netsecure Automation are providing the lighting system with RID Projects and Electrocon. We are deploying  25 ZWave lighting switches and dimmers to provide light control. Further, WiFi duties are being taken care of by Unifi. With IOS and Android control at or away from the home […]

Integrate your Doorbird

Looking to integrate your Doorbird?  Doorbird, based in Germany provide the markets leading smart intercom. A robust, well built and attractive unit it provides voice, video, gate unlocking, RFID and a stack more features. It comes with a free of charge app and whilst this seems to work well in Europe it’s been problematic for […]

Netsecure Automation is now full swing into our castle cove project

Netsecure Automation is now full swing into our castle cove project. This gorgeous four level home is making use of almost the entire home automation product suite. Netsecure Automation has taken on the task of automating the existing lighting, motion, HVAC, Doorbird intercom, networking, CCTV and audio/visual system. We are removing an existing smart home […]

Manage your smart home across any device

Manage your smart home across all devices. Netsecure Automation now support the full range of Apple devices. Providing the same look and feel across all devices including Android, Apple and PC/Mac you can now monitor your home from anywhere using any device. The IHP View app provides real time notifications and control of your devices, […]

2 Billion records stolen

2 billion records stolen in a cloud provider hack – that number is staggering. These hacktivists are exposing databases around the world of so called secure cloud providers. It’s very easy to claim you are a secure cloud provider but secure means different things to different people. Are the websites, databases and stores of information […]

Real smart lock solutions

You’re looking for a smart lock. You’ve walked the aisles of Bunnings and browsed the eBay ad’s and almost everyone now has a smart lock solution that allows you to throw away your keys. But how do these really perform? What do you need to make these work properly? As it turns out many of […]

Bringing your alarm into present

Lets talk about smart alarms. Many many homes across Australia back in the 80s and 90s used a standard alone, or back to base alarm system. Many were deployed with products from Honeywell. These systems often relied on the old copper analogue telephone line. The more modern units had a 3G sim card. This allowed […]

Do you have a trustworthy consultant?

Trust   56% of shoppers are looking for exactly this as explained by Property Me in this article. Health benefits, convenience and property value are all sound reasons to to deploy smart home technology within the home. But without the trust , owners can feel frustrated. We encourage our customers to visit us at our […]

Your experts in technology

Netsecure Consulting, the parent company, was formed back in 2011 where the business was and is still today providing network and security consulting to large organisations such as Westpac Bank and News Corporation. A passion and love for technology and a desire to make life easier brought about the formation of Netsecure Automation.  Netsecure’s history […]

Benefits of making things smarter

Life is getting busier. Why not let Netsecure Automation give you some time back in the day? Forget staying home for the tradesman or waiting for that parcel delivery. As this article explains, there are many tangible benefits your smart home can provide. Drop into the home when the kids arrive back from school, keep […]