Do you have a trust worthy consultant?

Trust     56% of shoppers are looking for exactly this as explained by Property Me in this article. Health benefits, convenience and property value are all sound reasons to to deploy smart home technology within the home. But without the trust , owners can feel frustrated. We encourage our customers to visit us at […]

Your experts in technology

Netsecure Consulting, the parent company, was formed back in 2011 where the business was and is still today providing network and security consulting to large organisations such as Westpac Bank and News Corporation. A passion and love for technology and a desire to make life easier brought about the formation of Netsecure Automation.  Netsecure’s history […]

Benefits of making things smarter

Life is getting busier. Why not let Netsecure Automation give you some time back in the day? Forget staying home for the tradesman or waiting for that parcel delivery. As this article explains, there are many tangible benefits your smart home can provide. Drop into the home when the kids arrive back from school, keep […]

Stay warm this winter and reduce your energy usage

It’s predicted to be a cold one so why not let Netsecure Automation help you say warm, whilst saving money by automating your air conditioning and heater system? In the lead up to winter, Netsecure Automation are providing a base package for less than $1200! Including control of 3 x Z Wave lights and a […]

Building a smart home

How is a smart home built you ask? Almost all smart homes make use of a hub. Popular brands such as Savant, KNX and Control4 are no different. These hubs function as the brain of the network and act as a bus to pass messages between components to realise your smart home. Netsecure Automation provides […]

What can a smart home do for you?

A Netsecure Automation smart home is designed to make your life easier. In your new smart home light control is automatic, you’ll never walk into a dark room or forget to turn the lights off again. Have full visibility of your home by having access to security cameras to keep an eye on things. Don’t […]

Smart alerting

Did you know Netsecure Automation uses smart, presence sensing alerting? What does this mean you ask. Well, smart alerting takes into account where you are. It makes little sense to send a voice alert to an Amazon Echo if you’re overseas on holidays. Nor does it make sense to send a mobile alert if you […]

Can’t recall if you left a door open?

Our home automation security products provide real time information to your mobile device about doors and gates. In the event the lock is tampered with, we can even send alerts to your mobile device. This product is perfect for home owners who use dog walking services or rent their home with Air BnB. In these […]

Manage access to your home

We provide peace of mind when it comes to home security. No longer do you need to be concerned about managing physical keys to open your home, perfect for short stay accommodation where access to a home needs to be time limited and given to a wide range of people. Need a time limited access […]

Cloud solutions, are they secure?

There are many solutions popping up in the market that use a subscription or per month charging model to provide  access into your cameras from remote locations such as Ring & Nest. These cloud solutions are aimed at making installations pain free but are they secure? A recent Herald Sun article reported that some Australian homes had […]