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Lets talk about smart alarms. Many many homes across Australia back in the 80s and 90s used a standard alone, or back to base alarm system. Many were deployed with products from Honeywell. These systems often relied on the old copper analogue telephone line. The more modern units had a 3G sim card. This allowed back to base monitoring and usually came with a month to month cost. Welcome to the world of smart alarms.

As you may know, the analogue phone network is being decommissioned across the country as the NBN rolls out its products. This may leave your alarm system in the lurch. Likewise, the 3G network is being slowly removed as 4G is now the standard with 5G being available also.

So how do you continue to keep your alarm system working without spending a fortune? How do you remove those month to month bills whilst also providing you the ability to monitor your alarm from anywhere? The answer is revitalizing your alarm and turning it into a smart alarm with Netsecure Automations help.

Whilst many companies offer cloud based solutions that monitor your alarm from their central system, they traditionally still have reoccurring monthly costs. Why not monitor it yourself? We find customers prefer this not to mention an improvement in responsiveness. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. We take your alarm, add in our smart board and make use of your existing internet connection to allow YOU to take control of the alarm.

What insight can we provide?

Monitor zones, arm/disarm and receive alerts. If you have IP security cameras, we can even integrate these to provide further insight. For additional security, we also integrate smart locks and provide a tool to manage the PIN codes for your smart lock – accessible only by you, from anywhere.

There’s no cloud access,no reoccurring fees and concerns about your data ending up in the wrong hands. We find many suppliers all have their own app or system to manage a component of the smart home. In the end you may have ten different applications and systems. This adds an enormous amount of complexity and can be frustrating to use.

Throw that all away and discuss your smart home with Netsecure Automation. We are Australia’s leader in bespoke smart home solutions. We bring all your technology together to create a harmonious and reliable system that provides real insight into your home.


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