How is a smart home built you ask? Almost all smart homes make use of a hub. Popular brands such as Savant, KNX and Control4 are no different. These hubs function as the brain of the network and act as a bus to pass messages between components to realise your smart home.

Netsecure Automation provides a hub with all it’s smart home products, we call this IHP, or the Intelligent Home Platform. This hub is where the devices, scenes, rules and logic happens. The hub is also used to provide connectivity to mesh networks such as Z Wave and Zigbee through the use of dedicated controllers. These controllers connect the wireless networks to the wired networks and allow communication to take place between devices. Our IHP is not an off the shelf product like the Fibaro HCL or the Vera Edge. Our hub is custom built to suit your requirements.

No two homes are the same and nor are the home automation systems within them. If you need a small home automation system for an apartment, then we size IHP for this use case. This is important to keep the system cost effective.

Depending on your integration requirements, almost always a IHP is supplied along with a wireless controller. This provides a solid foundation that allows almost any device to be integrated. These extremely low powered devices generally are placed out of site and mind. They are designed to never required upgrading. Further, you won’t need to buy a new unit when adding new devices, adding functionality or upgrading the software.

We promise.




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