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Castle Cove smart home project

Netsecure Automation is now full swing into our Castle Cove smart home project. This gorgeous four level home is making use of almost the entire home automation product suite. Netsecure Automation has taken on the task of automating the existing lighting, motion, HVAC, Doorbird intercom, networking, CCTV and multi room audio system.

We are removing an existing smart home controller and replacing it with our powerful Intelligent Home Platform, a modular, reliable and scalable system designed to tackle the largest of networks after the client reported lack luster performance from the previous controller.

The existing Z Wave network is made up of approximately 120 Z Wave nodes supplied by leading smart home distributor, of various types from the well known manufacturer, Fibaro. Motion sensing is provided by Aeotec with HVAC by Cool Automation.

Floor and room control by Netsecure Automation

Floor and room control by Netsecure Automation

Cool Automations Cool MasterNet

Cool Automations Cool MasterNet

Given the size of the home and the complexity in managing such a large number of devices our user interface is being designed to provide visibility on a floor and individual room basis, allowing the occupants to quickly navigate the system to control various aspects. With real time feedback of critical information such as temperature, motion and the number of lights currently on being presented at each level.

With another 30 nodes to be included int the network it will soon be time to begin work on automation scenes. Automation scenes provide an automated method to control a number of devices such as motion sensors, temperature controllers and CCTV cameras.

Whilst motion based lighting control is a simple example which will be deployed throughout this home, more complex scenes will also take place such as controlling the temperature of a wine cellar based on environment factors such as temperature, humidity and time of year as well as providing relaxation scenes in which light controllers dim the lights to provide ambience upon arriving home from work.

Stay tuned for more progress updates as we transform this home over the coming weeks.

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