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Solar integration with a Tesla

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It’s been an exciting month here at Netsecure Automation. We have just completed Australia’s first true smart home solar integration with a Tesla electric car. Our client recently took delivery of a lovely Tesla Model S and asked us to provide some visibility of the car. We love a challenge so we embarked upon expanding our smart home app to provide real time information on both the car and the solar status. Our brief was then to ensure that his car charges when his 3 phase solar array is producing more than the current electricity demands of the house.

With the use of the Tesla API and our smart home system which out of the box supports all Tesla electric cars. We are then able to read the current data in real time and feed this information into the customers app for a visual representation of what’s currently occurring. The data includes information such as charging state, door state, time required to full charge and the battery history. Tesla provide a fantastic API that allows us to take full advantage of the it’s features and provide some truly amazing data. We can even report in real time as a mobile alert if the car is speeding !

Integrating the Solar

2.75% , 100% variable - $4685 per month 700k @ 1.99 = $2876 Rest @ 2.75 = $1542 $4418.00 Current paying $5057.89 $639.89 per month

Once we were able to read in the car data we then turned our attention to the Solar system. Again, out of the box our smart home package has integration with Solar Edge who provide a range of inverters for the solar market. With the solar data fed into our smart home controller we can begin to make energy conscious decisions about how and when we charge the Tesla.

One of our benefits is the endless flexibility we have when it comes to make decisions through the use of smart home ‘rules’. This allows the system to evaluate data from thousands of sources to provide true automation!


As you can see, the Solar stats are fed into our controller and provide current ‘consumption’ within the home, our current export to the grid amount, our production amount and many more. This data then rolls up into an aggregate which we can display, if need be, into graphs or even send this information via smart alerts to any mobile device or announce them via Alexa! very powerful.

The system now will detect if the car is at home, plugged in and if the solar is producing more than the home is consuming. (with a check to ensure we are above 4kW in terms of excess output). If this checks out as being true, the car will begin to charge. Very neat!

If you’re looking at solar integration with a Tesla or building a smart home in Sydney, please give us a call. We have some exciting and reliable solutions to ensure cost effective methods to charging your vehicle.

Solar Edge Output

Solar integration with a Tesla


Keep backups!

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Keep backups! Things can go wrong so it’s important to be prepared. Netsecure Automation can take the hassle out of maintaining backups for you, automatically. One of the most overlooked aspects of backups is for users of Z Wave Home Automation products. Z Wave has a mechanism when setting up a new device – it’s called the inclusion process. This process pairs the device and controller. As time goes, you generally end up with quite a lot of ZWave devices and revisiting the Z Wave inclusion process can be a pain if not planned. Netsecure Automation take backups of your controller, including the included devices. This allows us to quickly and easily restore a failed controlled. Although it’s rare, it’s easy to avoid such pain by a few important steps.

Our systems now come preconfigured with external storage and a weekly backup routine to copy important data across. This ensures that we can restore your system back to a good last known state. And as always, a failed system doesn’t mean you’re off the air. Manual functions and switches such as your typical wall switch control will always still function. It’s important to ensure occupants can still restore to manual control if a failure does occur.

Give us a call to discuss how we can ensure backup availability of your home automation system. Looking to keep your smart home in Sydney running optimally? Talk to us.


Building or renovating? Our smart home ideas

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Our top 3 smart home ideas.

On a weekly basis , Netsecure Automation receives inquiries relating to how and what they should install in a newly built or renovated home. So we’ve put together our top 3 smart home ideas.We acknowledge there are thousands of products out there and it’s confusing to know which you’ll get real usage from. As a result, we’ve put together some features of the smart home ecosystem we think every home should have.

  • Without a doubt, the cornerstone of smart home technology which certainly is the most mature and widely used is lighting coupled with motion control. There are quite a number of dimming and switching lighting relays which give you control of any light. Aeotec and Fibaro are absolutely the two biggest players and we would recommend our customers stick to these. You’ll get great support and excellent reliability from these manufacturers. Netsecure Automation has lots of experience with both and as resellers of the two, you can trust we are experts.


  • Door and Gate control. How many times have you missed the postman or wanted to remotely let someone in to your home? It’s one of the most useful features of smart home tech. We highly recommend our customers use smart dead locks for their front door for true key-less entry and peace of mind allowing a remote lock in case you forget to. Taking that idea a step further, being able to trigger a garage door or front gate is incredibly useful. Australia Post in our experience are more than happy to leave packages at your doorstep if they can get in easily. Using the Doorbird range of smart intercoms and an electric strike provides exactly this. Doorbird has a range of stylish and ultra reliable products to suit manage budgets with a raft of features that is hard to beat.


  • Voice control. Once you’ve used it, you won’t ever look back. Netsecure Automation are experts at configuring our systems to use voice. Netsecure Automation has our own smart home skill. Our skill is fully integrated with our products which means everything that’s available in our app is available using voice. Using any utterance you wish. No one in the market offers this flexibility but Netsecure Automation


We hope this list provides our top 3 automation ideas for your next project. These provide a good spring board into the smart home world. Certainly, taking things further is absolutely possible and we are always happy to discuss your ideas.