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The new Doorbird D1101V

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The new Doorbird smart Intercom – D1101V

The new DoorBird D1101V has just been released worldwide, offering a smaller footprint and cost. Whilst it looses the RFID ability it still provides most of the features of its bigger brother the D2101V in a much smaller footprint. With newly released brackets allowing angled mount or even corner mount, the D1101V provides much more flexibility. An improved image sensor from Sony with updated lens provides great day and night time images and video.

Here’s what DoorBird had to say:

Bird Home Automation releases the new IP door station with integrated 1080p camera and WiFi connectivity



With the DoorBird D1101V, the latest IP video intercom from Berlin-based manufacturer Bird Home Automation is now available worldwide. The D1101V with one call button combines a compact, elegant design with DoorBird’s IP technology. It comes as a surface-mounted and flush-mounted version. The smart intercom sends push notifications when the call button is pressed, allowing you to talk to visitors and see them live via smartphone, tablet or indoor station.

“The DoorBird D1101V is compact, WiFi-enabled and ideal for single-family homes”, says Sascha Keller, CEO Bird Home Automation. “This IP video door station combines new components such as the 1080p camera and the Bluetooth module for access control. Further it provides excellent audio quality from the integrated speaker in a small housing with a stainless-steel front panel”.

Stainless steel, IP65 , flush or surface mounted. The new DoorBird D1101V smart intercom is the leading product on the market. Providing superior integration options that work with Netsecure Home Automation products , you’ll never miss a visitor.

These units are available now and provide a good cost saving over the larger model, the D2101V. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you simply visitor entry.. DoorBird ensures security, privacy and convenience.




Z Wave improvements for 2020

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ZWave Improvements for 2020!

I’m really excited to hear that the Z Wave Alliance have been working hard on ZWave improvements in 2020. Dubbed Z Wave 700 series there are some dramatic improvements that provide real benefits to consumers.

Dramatic battery life improvement

Many consumers are turned off by the notion of using batteries to operate their smart home devices. The good news is that the 700 Series has taken leaps and bounds in this area. As a result, in the realm of a 60% improvement to battery life which can extend the battery of such devices to nearly 10 years.

Extended coverage

Good news for large ZWave installations that have had issues with coverage or range. A staggering 250% increase in ZWave range. What is yet to be seen is if there is an increase in hop count to cater for the largest of networks. Increased hop counts mean a denser mesh. This mesh also has alternate paths for devices to communicate increasing the resiliency and range.

There are further improvements to security as well. Previously security was optional when including devices into the network. This has now has been made mandatory for the 700 series. It will be interesting to see how this pans, as a result there may be an increase in ZWave traffic on the network by having security as a mandatory feature. Time will tell!


One of the fantastic benefits for consumers though is ZWave still provides 100% interoperability . This is great news for smart home buyers worried about ensuring their devices play nicely. ZWave devices must be certified by the alliance to ensure they play nicely by being backward compatible. This is a really nice feature that provides consumer with peace of mind when choosing their ZWave devices.


I’m excited by the huge ZWave improvements for 2020 and an it’s exciting time for consumers. I’m really looking forward to having Fibaro’s Motion Sensors operating for up to 10 years on a single battery.

One of the great things for Netsecure Automation customers is that adding ZWave 700 Series devices into your smart home will be straight forward. Plugged in via USB into your existing IHP Server, this allows the system to take onboard new 700 Series devices. It also ensures existing devices still operating perfectly. Fantastic news!


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great, relaxing and safe break and we wish you a happy new year. The bush fires have been causing devastating loss across the country and our hearts go out to those who are effected in any way. Stay safe and vigilant! We are praying for rain for you.

Here’s hoping to a great year – if you’re undertaking renovations or building a new home make sure you contact us to help plan. We are only too happy to provide free advice. We have some exciting plans for the year ahead. Over the break we have been refining our platforms to provide faster in app access with some great new improvements in dimming control. Further, we’ve refined our multi room audio platform to provide latency free streaming across the home. If you’re thinking of entertaining this summer you need to see what we can provide on this front. All of your favorite streaming services are available. Even if you’ve a large in home audio library, we can help you too! Streaming all of that content in 24bit quality, latency free, across the home.

Large smart home owners in Sydney

We’ve been working hard to help our Z Wave customers in large homes. Using a partition mechanism, we can now split the home into discreet Z Wave networks. This allows a huge increase in performance, whilst also overcoming challenging installations. There are no short comings in having multiple Z Wave networks within the home. The same user interface still has visibilty across the entire home. From a usability perspective, nothing changes. Increased speed, bigger coverage and over 1000 devices can be supported. All the benefits, none of the down sides.

Drop us a line if you’re looking at ZWave lighting for your home or renovation and find out how we can help. Happy New Year!


Yes we are working through the break!

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Yes! we are working through the break!

We’ve taken the wraps of our Darling Point project and handed over the system to it’s new owners. It’s definitely a nice Christmas present to move into a newly renovated and automated smart home. They will be able to soak up the view of the Harbour over Christmas with a little mood lighting from their fully automated lighting system.

Our next project over in Summer Hill kicks off just after Christmas. A CCTV and smart lock integration system so our clients can open the women’s fitness centre remotely if needed! Our clients will be able to program the lock from anywhere by creating user codes for guests. If you’re an inner west resident, female and looking to get into shape there’s no better place to visit! Go and have a chat to Liza at Warrior Women Fitness.

We have also finalised our Daikin Air Conditioning integration. If you have an ducted Daikin system and are considering about adding automation such as app control and Alexa voice control, give us a call. We have a fantastic product that really makes the Daikin shine!

And it wouldn’t be the busy period if we didn’t fit in a little more. Our good friends at RPG Demolition will be able to keep an eye on the yard with a large CCTV system going in. Our metal, waterproof and superior image quality cameras will be fitted up before the new year.

We are looking forward to 2020. We thank our clients for choosing us to build their smart home and welcome working with you in the future. Merry Christmas to all, please have a safe and happy Christmas!


Darling Point Smart Home

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Darling Point Smart Home

Darling Point Smart Home

Darling Point Smart Home

Our Darling Point smart home project build is underway! Netsecure Automation are providing the lighting system with RID Projects and Electrocon. We are deploying  25 ZWave lighting switches and dimmers to provide light control. Further, the WiFi duties are being taken care of by Unifi. With IOS and Android control at or away from the home, our lovely client will be able to control lighting across all three levels of this townhouse with stunning views of the Harbour. Stay tuned for further updates!


Further, another smart home has been getting some love as well as we are currently underway building an en-suite. The polished concrete floor has received electric heating which will be controlled via a WiFi Thermostat. Lights, door sensors and motion is all taken care of using Fibaro products. The ceiling will be finished using Tovo Lightings Skyline Horizon extrusion and finished in cedar cladding. An extruded aluminum LED strip, ceiling mounted, is designed to spread LED lighting down the walls. An integrated extraction option has also been installed into the LED strip. The extraction allows a concealed ducting system in the roof space,  connected to the extrusion thereby providing lighting and hot air removal in one product! Very cool.

GoldenEar Technology are providing their stellar Invista SP stereo speaker for audio duties. This speaker links into the existing Yamaha Musiccast system for whole home audio. Then, by using another zone from the main amplifier , we can listen to different or the same songs as the rest of the house.

Stay tuned for more photos and updates.

Bathroom ensuite

Bathroom ensuite


Integrate your Doorbird

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Doorbird Integration Experts

Looking to integrate your Doorbird?  Doorbird, based in Germany provide the markets leading smart intercom. A robust, well built and attractive unit it provides voice, video, gate unlocking, RFID and a stack more features. It comes with a free of charge app and whilst this seems to work well in Europe it’s been problematic for a large number of Australian customers. This is due to Doorbird’s servers being located in Germany.

Netsecure Automation are Sydney’s leading smart home installer of Doorbird products and we are happy to announce we have full integration available that solves the issues many encounter with the response time of the app.

Using SIP we can now provide instant response to doorbell events direct to your smart phone. We can offer video and voice and even record past visitors in case you miss a call. Taking things a step further, our platform acts as a message back allowing visitors to record messages at your gate or door. It even allows call recording directly in the app !

For our smart home customers who already have our comprehensive Intelligent Home Platform and Alexa Skill we have the ability to announce visitors using Alexa.  Real control is possible. For instance, how about controlling your gate using your voice? Cooking and have your hands full? Easy – just tell Alexa to unlock the front gate or even answer the call.

Doorbird RFID

Doorbird RFID


DoorBird provides an amazing , industry leading feature set. Our favorite is their RFID offering. Using small key ring tags or swipe cards, these can be linked to occupants of your home for real scene control. For instance, Netsecure Automation can program these tags and link them to your family members such that when they use the tag to unlock the gate or door a predefined scene runs. This scene may trigger lights, music, open doors, gates or preset thermostat temperatures. The list of options is endless.

Using the Doorbird as part of your home security system

Netsecure Automation can even use the DoorBird as part of your CCTV system. We display the video into our Intelligent Home Platform which allows you to use the DoorBird as a regular security camera. In addition, we use the DoorBird ‘s motion detection features to trigger scenes or switch lights on upon visitors pressing the call button.

Final words

DoorBird provides a really compelling product that has an extensive feature set. Netsecure Automation integrate your DoorBird product to new heights by allowing full integration into our smart home platform. Above all, we provide this easily, securely and in a reliable manner.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and let us demonstrate how we can truly turn your home into a smart home.


Castle Cove smart home project

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Castle Cove smart home project

Netsecure Automation is now full swing into our Castle Cove smart home project. This gorgeous four level home is making use of almost the entire home automation product suite. Netsecure Automation has taken on the task of automating the existing lighting, motion, HVAC, Doorbird intercom, networking, CCTV and multi room audio system.

We are removing an existing smart home controller and replacing it with our powerful Intelligent Home Platform, a modular, reliable and scalable system designed to tackle the largest of networks after the client reported lack luster performance from the previous controller.

The existing Z Wave network is made up of approximately 120 Z Wave nodes supplied by leading smart home distributor, of various types from the well known manufacturer, Fibaro. Motion sensing is provided by Aeotec with HVAC by Cool Automation.

Floor and room control by Netsecure Automation

Floor and room control by Netsecure Automation

Cool Automations Cool MasterNet

Cool Automations Cool MasterNet

Given the size of the home and the complexity in managing such a large number of devices our user interface is being designed to provide visibility on a floor and individual room basis, allowing the occupants to quickly navigate the system to control various aspects. With real time feedback of critical information such as temperature, motion and the number of lights currently on being presented at each level.

With another 30 nodes to be included int the network it will soon be time to begin work on automation scenes. Automation scenes provide an automated method to control a number of devices such as motion sensors, temperature controllers and CCTV cameras.

Whilst motion based lighting control is a simple example which will be deployed throughout this home, more complex scenes will also take place such as controlling the temperature of a wine cellar based on environment factors such as temperature, humidity and time of year as well as providing relaxation scenes in which light controllers dim the lights to provide ambience upon arriving home from work.

Stay tuned for more progress updates as we transform this home over the coming weeks.


Manage your smart home across any device

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Management of your smart home, from anywhere, using any device. Securely.

Manage your smart home across all devices. Device diversity is important with such a large blend of devices consumers own. When choosing your smart home, ensure the management applications work across all devices you own, or may own in the future. Netsecure Automation care about compatibility and ease of management. This is why we now support the full range of Apple devices. Providing the same look and feel across all devices including Android, Apple and PC/Mac you can now monitor your home from anywhere using any device. Even if you misplace your mobile device, we have a customer portal available for you to still connect in and manage your smart home.

Our secure portal provides a platform for you to remotely login from anywhere. The portal provides the same look and feel as your smart app, giving you complete control over your smart home. The portal also allows you to create new users and change their passwords. Further, you’re afforded the luxury on catching up on past notifications if you missed any sent to your mobile device.

New Apple IHP View app

The IHP View app provides real time notifications and control of your devices, irrespective of where you are. Netsecure Automation have the ability to full customise the look and feel of your smart home dashboards, including fonts, colors and text sizes.

Please visit the Apple App store to download. Of course we provide the app free of charge for our customers.

Netsecure Automation’s IHP View Apple App

Netsecure Automation’s IHP View Apple App


2 Billion records stolen in a huge cloud provider hack!

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2 Billion records stolen in a huge cloud provider hack!

2 billion records stolen in a cloud provider hack – that number is staggering. These hacktivists are exposing databases around the world of so called secure cloud providers. It’s very easy to claim you are a secure cloud provider but secure means different things to different people. Are the websites, databases and stores of information routinely tested and checked to ensure they provide what they say they do? unlikely. Netsecure Automation simply do not recommend such products to consumers. There are too many questions and far too few answers. How do you verify your information is safe? What mechanisms are in place to guarantee your information privacy?

The types of records include names, addresses and credit card details. Irrespective of what was stolen,  2 billion is an extremely large number.

Whilst some forms of data within the cloud is totally acceptable, when it comes to controlling your home and placing the responsibility of controlling your front door lock in the hands of someone else to us seems totally foreign. The issue with many cloud providers is whilst they appear to operate locally within the country almost always, the data is actually off shored. In fact, your data could be anywhere – generally where its the cheapest to store.

ALL of our products make no use of third party cloud providers where your information may be exposed to the internet by companies outside your control. Your entire data is within your control, 100% of the time. Our smart home package is kept local, right here in Sydney in secure data centres.

If you have questions or concerns about your data? Or the services of cloud providers then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide advice to consumers.



Real smart lock solutions

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You’re looking for a smart lock.

You’ve walked the aisles of Bunnings and browsed the eBay ad’s and almost everyone now has a smart lock solution that allows you to throw away your keys. But how do these really perform? What do you need to make these work properly?

As it turns out many of these fall short of our expectations and we would imagine yours too. Whilst there are a lot of great products in a physical sense where they are rather lacking is in the software and usability side.

Netsecure Automation took this challenge on to develop a user interface that would allow our customers to take a smart lock, of almost any manufacturer and integrate it’s functions into our user interface. What we have found is that almost every smart home device on the market comes with it’s own app. Great you might say! I can do what I need to do via the app. But what they don’t tell you is in many cases, you must do this at home, near the lock. Or, if you can do this remotely you must sign up to their monthly subscription based cloud service and hand over your codes and all your information to a third party. Forgive us, but that’s like handing your front door keys to a stranger in the street.

What did we aim to do?

Netsecure Automation set out to do a number of things.

1) Remove the need for a cloud subscription or paid monthly service

2) Leave all data in the hands of the customer

3) Provide a secure and reliable method to program codes from anywhere in the world using your home internet connection

4) Create a dashboard that bundles these programming functions into the same app as all your other smart home devices , allowing you to have one app to control your entire homesydney smart lock

We can confidently say we’ve managed to achieve the goal. We’ve created a robust and easy to use interface for our customers to manage codes. This builds on our existing smart home interface where you control all aspects of your home, from gates, doors, HVAC, lighting and much more.

Take a test drive of the interface yourself in this video. We demonstrate the programming of two user codes from a mobile device, away from the home. The response as you can see, is instant.

Give Netsecure Automation a call or email us to discuss how we can help you provide reliable, secure access from anywhere into your home , office or AirBnB property.