There are many solutions popping up in the market that use a subscription or per month charging model to provide  access into your cameras from remote locations such as Ring & Nest. These cloud solutions are aimed at making installations pain free but are they secure? A recent Herald Sun article reported that some Australian homes had their in home cameras being live streamed on the internet without their knowing and consent. This is one of many concerns with public cloud solutions. As a consumer you need these questions of your supplier:

  1. Where do you host your cloud solution? in Australia or abroad?
  2. How do I know my data is protected?
  3. Who has access to my information other than me?
  4. How do I verify my data is secure?
  5. what mechanisms are in place to protect my information

Netsecure Automation does not generally recommend public cloud solutions because the answers to these questions leave a lot to be desired. Rather, we use private cloud instances, setup by us but accessible only by you once deployed.

Talk to us about your concerns, we are only too happy to provide free advice.

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