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56% of shoppers are looking for exactly this as explained by Property Me in this article. Health benefits, convenience and property value are all sound reasons to to deploy smart home technology within the home. But without the trust , owners can feel frustrated. We encourage our customers to visit us at our home to try out the technology and get a feel for what smart home products can offer you. Very few integrators can offer this service but our feeling is the proof is within the pudding.

The world of smart home technology can be daunting so we encourage our customers to start slowly. Gradually building on the system as their needs increase and the familiarity with the system grows. One of the benefits of a smart home is that it can grow as your needs change as almost all systems are modular.

Netsecure Automation smart homes utilise one app, available across Android and IOS to control the entire home. Whilst some providers may have four to five different applications to control various components we find that such systems simply increase the complexity and decrease the usability.




Asking the right questions



As a consumer, Netsecure Automation recommend their consultant of choice provide answers to the following areas:

  1. Internet connectivity, what type, what speed.
  2. Wired or wireless, do you have sufficient cabling or can wireless be utilised effectively.
  3. Are your devices secure. In the context of smart locks, are they using encrypted communications?
  4. How do you access your system when you’re not home. Is that method secure from attacks?

Your consultant needs to provide clear and concise answers to such questions. And be able to demonstrate this.

We are only too happy to provide free advice to customers, please give us a call or drop us an email if we can assist.






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