DoorBird again leading the way with DoorBird’s new Indoor station. One of the coolest features is definitely the ability to call between indoor stations. Do you have a two storey home or detached dwelling?. The wireless (or PoE wired) Indoor stations allow an ability to intercom call between themselves. And, naturally receive all the calls/functions of the DoorBird Intercoms. The Indoor station is an add on product for customers who wish to have a permanent location to operate DoorBird functions such as at the front door or in the kitchen. This saves having to get your mobile device out to operate it’s functions.

The Indoor station

DoorBirds new Indoor Station offers a number of features including the following:

Doorbird Indoor Station

Doorbird Indoor Station

  • 4“ True Color Touch Display
  • Scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass
  • 5 hardware buttons for main functions
  • Front door and storey call option
  • Weather information
  • Wall-mounting or mounting on a table stand (separately available)

As always Netsecure Automation have a raft of integration options to get the most out of your DoorBird and new Indoor station. In addition, we even integrate these with our home automation system. Our custom Apple and Android CallBird allows Voice, Video, DMTF and many other functions.


Netsecure Automation are the only Australian company providing full integration to ensure all functions remain fast and available in Australia. This means calls are not routed to Germany as they are out of the box. The result, extremely fast awareness of visitors to your home and lightening fast calls to your mobile device. Secondly, we know there is nothing more frustrating than missing visitors to your home or not being aware of when packages are delivered. This is why we spent a lot of time and effort to develop our reliable solution.

Give us a call to help you get the most out of your DoorBird Intercom today. Most importantly, are experts in integrating the DoorBird into existing homes with decades of experience to ensure your DoorBird operates the way you expect.

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