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Integrating solar systems into smart homes has been a popular choice in recent times. Many solar invertor systems now are intelligent allowing the data created by them to be displayed within the home automation system. This gives you incredible insight into how much energy your producing and consuming. Armed with this powerful knowledge, you can make intelligent decisions about energy usage to reduce costs.

 Save money

Learn how we can automate appliance control

Turn off unused appliances

Forgot to turn off the AC when you left home? Easy. We can automate your HVAC products to auto switch on, or off. You of course also have the ability to manage any appliance from anywhere, saving time and money.

Our automation scenes can reduce energy cost by running energy intensive tasks at low cost times.

Reduce peak energy usage

Pre heat or pre cool your home during the early hours, when energy prices are at their lowest. Using schedules and scenes allows the automation of heating and cooling within the home.

Intelligent motion sensors to detect motion and temperature to automate living controls.

Automated lighting

Automated lighting and switching control can turn off unused devices or lights when not in use. Sensor based lighting helps reduce costs by only turning on what’s needed when it’s needed.



Using Smart Home technology to heat or cool your home can save you thousands of dollars per year. Make use of the sun’s power to heat your home for free. Using a smart thermostat along with control and visibility of your solar system, we can heat or cool your home only when the solar system is generating sufficient power. Drastically reduce your energy consumption and your environment footprint.


That’s right! We can integrate electric vehicles. Display charging rate and current battery capacity. With an integrated solar system you can go totally green. Charge our vehicle during solar generation hours with full insight using your mobile device. Even ask Alexa to charge the car!

Solve problems

Energy efficient smart devices can help lots of problems. Sub floor damp issues? Maintaining wine cellar temperatures? Reduce attic temperatures. There are many use cases for smart home technology that can save you money. Contact us to find out how we have helped many customers, just like you to develop energy efficient solutions to solve real world problems.

Detailed statistics

All your energy data in one place, accessible using your mobile device

Insight into application consumption

Determine which devices use the most energy and make changes to your habits to reduce costs.

Solve problems

 We have energy efficient solutions to keep your wine cellar stable.Perfect to ensure your best bottles are kept at just the right temperature.



Netsecure Automation can help you design energy 

smart solutions in new or existing homes.

Contact us to learn how.