Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great, relaxing and safe break and we wish you a happy new year. The bush fires have been causing devastating loss across the country and our hearts go out to those who are effected in any way. Stay safe and vigilant! We are praying for rain for you.

Here’s hoping to a great year – if you’re undertaking renovations or building a new home make sure you contact us to help plan. We are only too happy to provide free advice. We have some exciting plans for the year ahead. Over the break we have been refining our platforms to provide faster in app access with some great new improvements in dimming control. Further, we’ve refined our multi room audio platform to provide latency free streaming across the home. If you’re thinking of entertaining this summer you need to see what we can provide on this front. All of your favorite streaming services are available. Even if you’ve a large in home audio library, we can help you too! Streaming all of that content in 24bit quality, latency free, across the home.

Large smart home owners in Sydney

We’ve been working hard to help our Z Wave customers in large homes. Using a partition mechanism, we can now split the home into discreet Z Wave networks. This allows a huge increase in performance, whilst also overcoming challenging installations. There are no short comings in having multiple Z Wave networks within the home. The same user interface still has visibilty across the entire home. From a usability perspective, nothing changes. Increased speed, bigger coverage and over 1000 devices can be supported. All the benefits, none of the down sides.

Drop us a line if you’re looking at ZWave lighting for your home or renovation and find out how we can help. Happy New Year!

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