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Looking to integrate your Doorbird?  Doorbird, based in Germany provide the markets leading smart intercom. A robust, well built and attractive unit it provides voice, video, gate unlocking, RFID and a stack more features. It comes with a free of charge app and whilst this seems to work well in Europe it’s been problematic for a large number of Australian customers. This is due to Doorbird’s servers being located in Germany.

Netsecure Automation are Sydney’s leading smart home installer of Doorbird products and we are happy to announce we have full integration available that solves the issues many encounter with the response time of the app.

Using SIP we can now provide instant response to doorbell events direct to your smart phone. We can offer video and voice and even record past visitors in case you miss a call. Taking things a step further, our platform acts as a message back allowing visitors to record messages at your gate or door. It even allows call recording directly in the app !

For our smart home customers who already have our comprehensive Intelligent Home Platform and Alexa Skill we have the ability to announce visitors using Alexa.  Real control is possible. For instance, how about controlling your gate using your voice? Cooking and have your hands full? Easy – just tell Alexa to unlock the front gate or even answer the call.

Doorbird RFID

Doorbird RFID


DoorBird provides an amazing , industry leading feature set. Our favorite is their RFID offering. Using small key ring tags or swipe cards, these can be linked to occupants of your home for real scene control. For instance, Netsecure Automation can program these tags and link them to your family members such that when they use the tag to unlock the gate or door a predefined scene runs. This scene may trigger lights, music, open doors, gates or preset thermostat temperatures. The list of options is endless.

Using the Doorbird as part of your home security system

Netsecure Automation can even use the DoorBird as part of your CCTV system. We display the video into our Intelligent Home Platform which allows you to use the DoorBird as a regular security camera. In addition, we use the DoorBird ‘s motion detection features to trigger scenes or switch lights on upon visitors pressing the call button.

Final words

DoorBird provides a really compelling product that has an extensive feature set. Netsecure Automation integrate your DoorBird product to new heights by allowing full integration into our smart home platform. Above all, we provide this easily, securely and in a reliable manner.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and let us demonstrate how we can truly turn your home into a smart home.

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