IP Security Cameras

Visibility over your entire home

IP CCTV Cameras

Integrating IP CCTV cameras into your home can provide great security benefits. Further, it provides an ability to reduce insurance premiums. Netsecure Automation integrates our IP CCTV cameras into the system using API’s. Should you wish to zoom, adjust pan or tilt functions you can do so using the same interface used for all other aspects of home automation control. No longer do you need to navigate to different applications to keep an eye on all components of your home automation system.

All footage, whether you choose to record based on motion or 24/7 is kept securely. With storage space so cost effective these days, we can keep footage for over 12 months. Our system provides you an ability to review events from anywhere, using any device. You can take snippets and email or message them to your contacts direct from the interface. No longer do you need to call the IT guy to review footage.

Further, Netsecure Automation specialises in providing centralised control for situations where multiple camera systems are required. In circumstances where you may have one or more offices, our single interface allows you access to all of them. Distributed retail store across the country? No troubles. We can provide accessibility to each and every store.

Finally, we provide a single interface to control and keep watch over your home or office.