Keep backups! Things can go wrong so it’s important to be prepared. Netsecure Automation can take the hassle out of maintaining backups for you, automatically. One of the most overlooked aspects of backups is for users of Z Wave Home Automation products. Z Wave has a mechanism when setting up a new device – it’s called the inclusion process. This process pairs the device and controller. As time goes, you generally end up with quite a lot of ZWave devices and revisiting the Z Wave inclusion process can be a pain if not planned. Netsecure Automation take backups of your controller, including the included devices. This allows us to quickly and easily restore a failed controlled. Although it’s rare, it’s easy to avoid such pain by a few important steps.

Our systems now come preconfigured with external storage and a weekly backup routine to copy important data across. This ensures that we can restore your system back to a good last known state. And as always, a failed system doesn’t mean you’re off the air. Manual functions and switches such as your typical wall switch control will always still function. It’s important to ensure occupants can still restore to manual control if a failure does occur.

Give us a call to discuss how we can ensure backup availability of your home automation system. Looking to keep your smart home in Sydney running optimally? Talk to us.


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