We provide peace of mind when it comes to home security. Our smart home access solution allows our customers to create codes to any smart lock, from anywhere. No cloud connections, no monthly fees. We believe opening your home to the cloud is like giving a stranger in the street a key to your front door. Why trust your data and access to your home to anyone but yourself? No longer do you need to be concerned about managing physical keys to open your home, perfect for short stay accommodation where access to a home needs to be time limited and given to a wide range of people. Need a time limited access code to your home for a dog walker or tradesman? Netsecure Automation can help with your smart home access solution.

Take a test drive of our smart lock solution which shows you just how easy it is! In this video, we create two users and provide them access into the home. Our product allows for easy adding, deleting and searching of users who have access to your home or business.

This product is fantastic for our AirBnB customers or proprietors of gyms.

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