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Management of your smart home, from anywhere, using any device. Securely.

Manage your smart home across all devices. Device diversity is important with such a large blend of devices consumers own. When choosing your smart home, ensure the management applications work across all devices you own, or may own in the future. Netsecure Automation care about compatibility and ease of management. This is why we now support the full range of Apple devices. Providing the same look and feel across all devices including Android, Apple and PC/Mac you can now monitor your home from anywhere using any device. Even if you misplace your mobile device, we have a customer portal available for you to still connect in and manage your smart home.

Our secure portal provides a platform for you to remotely login from anywhere. The portal provides the same look and feel as your smart app, giving you complete control over your smart home. The portal also allows you to create new users and change their passwords. Further, you’re afforded the luxury on catching up on past notifications if you missed any sent to your mobile device.

New Apple IHP View app

The IHP View app provides real time notifications and control of your devices, irrespective of where you are. Netsecure Automation have the ability to full customise the look and feel of your smart home dashboards, including fonts, colors and text sizes.

Please visit the Apple App store to download. Of course we provide the app free of charge for our customers.

Netsecure Automation’s IHP View Apple App

Netsecure Automation’s IHP View Apple App

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