Motion and Presence detection

One of the most useful features Netsecure Automation can build into your ideal system is presence and motion detection. Our system is able through the use of triangulation and WIFI, detect who is or is not within the home. Based on such logic, scenes and rules can take over to provide automation control. A typical example would be video recording from home surveillance cameras. In most cases, customers would prefer to have motion recording off when they are home but would want to have motion recording on when they are absent from the home. Netsecure Automation can program this logic.

Motion control allows rule driven lighting control, using a mixture of Motion/Luminescence, Netsecure Automation program lighting rules to only switch on lights when it’s dark or the light level is low. Further, perhaps you want motion control and your lights off during your Sunday movie but if you receive a phone call, you would want the movie paused and the lights turned on. This along with many other scenes Netsecure Automation can program.