Multi-Room Audio

Netsecure Automation can provide your multi room audio solution. Using an intelligent audio control services you can come home to some of your favorite playlists as you unwind. When integrated with a Yamaha functions such as party mode and surround sound effects can also be programmed. Netsecure Automation recommends Yamaha as they have excellent multi room audio features. Without the high price tag!.

Inceiling Multi Room Audio by Golden Ear

In ceiling Multi Room Audio by Golden Ear

Voice control using Amazon’s Alexa provides powerful audio visual control allowing voice driven commands. There by allowing power control & volume functions using Amazon Alexa. Voice control allows you to link rooms, turn on audio or change the volume simply by using your voice. Link up to 8 rooms, each with a different song. Or link the entire house and stream the same song across the whole home.

With improved wireless technology, streaming is latency free. And because of such improvements audio sync issues between rooms is now a thing of the past. Supporting all the common streaming formats, you will have plenty of choice. Even your AM/FM radio stations are now available to stream. Further, for high fidelity lovers, our systems support DSD/FLAC all the way up to pure 24bit. At the same time as providing a true sonic representation of the performance.

How is a Multi-Room Audio system created

The backbone of the system is a multi zone receiver, which allows the home to be partitioned into zones. Each Zone has an amplifier channel, or in some cases discreet amplifiers for that zone in the case of the Yamaha WXA-50. The zone is then given a name, which is visible in your audio interface. That zone has all the features typical of modern audio systems. Allowing you to stream individual songs to each zone, or link each zone for a truly whole home immersive audio experience.


Let us help you design your next smart home project and why not integrate multi room audio for a touch of luxury?

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