Keep backups!

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Keep backups! Things can go wrong so it’s important to be prepared. Netsecure Automation can take the hassle out of maintaining backups for you, automatically. One of the most overlooked aspects of backups is for users of Z Wave Home Automation products. Z Wave has a mechanism when setting up a new device – it’s called the inclusion process. This process pairs the device and controller. As time goes, you generally end up with quite a lot of ZWave devices and revisiting the Z Wave inclusion process can be a pain if not planned. Netsecure Automation take backups of your controller, including the included devices. This allows us to quickly and easily restore a failed controlled. Although it’s rare, it’s easy to avoid such pain by a few important steps.

Our systems now come preconfigured with external storage and a weekly backup routine to copy important data across. This ensures that we can restore your system back to a good last known state. And as always, a failed system doesn’t mean you’re off the air. Manual functions and switches such as your typical wall switch control will always still function. It’s important to ensure occupants can still restore to manual control if a failure does occur.

Give us a call to discuss how we can ensure backup availability of your home automation system.



DoorBird’s new Indoor station

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DoorBird again leading the way with DoorBird’s new Indoor station. One of the coolest features is definitely the ability to call between indoor stations. Do you have a two storey home or detached dwelling?. The wireless (or PoE wired) Indoor stations allow an ability to intercom call between themselves. And, naturally receive all the calls/functions of the DoorBird Intercoms. The Indoor station is an add on product for customers who wish to have a permanent location to operate DoorBird functions such as at the front door or in the kitchen. This saves having to get your mobile device out to operate it’s functions.

The Indoor station

DoorBirds new Indoor Station offers a number of features including the following:

Doorbird Indoor Station

Doorbird Indoor Station

  • 4“ True Color Touch Display
  • Scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass
  • 5 hardware buttons for main functions
  • Front door and storey call option
  • Weather information
  • Wall-mounting or mounting on a table stand (separately available)

As always Netsecure Automation have a raft of integration options to get the most out of your DoorBird and new Indoor station. In addition, we even integrate these with our home automation system. Our custom Apple and Android CallBird allows Voice, Video, DMTF and many other functions.


Netsecure Automation are the only Australian company providing full integration to ensure all functions remain fast and available in Australia. This means calls are not routed to Germany as they are out of the box. The result, extremely fast awareness of visitors to your home and lightening fast calls to your mobile device. Secondly, we know there is nothing more frustrating than missing visitors to your home or not being aware of when packages are delivered. This is why we spent a lot of time and effort to develop our reliable solution.

Give us a call to help you get the most out of your DoorBird Intercom today. Most importantly, are experts in integrating the DoorBird into existing homes with decades of experience to ensure your DoorBird operates the way you expect.

Building or renovating? Our smart home ideas

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Our top 3 smart home ideas.

On a weekly basis , Netsecure Automation receives inquiries relating to how and what they should install in a newly built or renovated home. So we’ve put together our top 3 smart home ideas.We acknowledge there are thousands of products out there and it’s confusing to know which you’ll get real usage from. As a result, we’ve put together some features of the smart home ecosystem we think every home should have.

  • Without a doubt, the cornerstone of smart home technology which certainly is the most mature and widely used is lighting coupled with motion control. There are quite a number of dimming and switching lighting relays which give you control of any light. Aeotec and Fibaro are absolutely the two biggest players and we would recommend our customers stick to these. You’ll get great support and excellent reliability from these manufacturers. Netsecure Automation has lots of experience with both and as resellers of the two, you can trust we are experts.


  • Door and Gate control. How many times have you missed the postman or wanted to remotely let someone in to your home? It’s one of the most useful features of smart home tech. We highly recommend our customers use smart dead locks for their front door for true key-less entry and peace of mind allowing a remote lock in case you forget to. Taking that idea a step further, being able to trigger a garage door or front gate is incredibly useful. Australia Post in our experience are more than happy to leave packages at your doorstep if they can get in easily. Using the Doorbird range of smart intercoms and an electric strike provides exactly this. Doorbird has a range of stylish and ultra reliable products to suit manage budgets with a raft of features that is hard to beat.


  • Voice control. Once you’ve used it, you won’t ever look back. Netsecure Automation are experts at configuring our systems to use voice. Netsecure Automation has our own smart home skill. Our skill is fully integrated with our products which means everything that’s available in our app is available using voice. Using any utterance you wish. No one in the market offers this flexibility but Netsecure Automation


We hope this list provides our top 3 automation ideas for your next project. These provide a good spring board into the smart home world. Certainly, taking things further is absolutely possible and we are always happy to discuss your ideas.

Using Amazon Alexa to control your home

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Using Amazon Alexa to control your home is a powerful tool. The Amazon Alexa API is a constantly evolving technology that allows smart home integrators to make full use of voice

automation. This automation can control lighting, doors, irrigation and much more.

Netsecure Automation provides customers local access to Amazon Alexa via an Australian skill, hosted within Amazon. There by ensuring voice commands you issue to your home are responded too much faster than our competitors. No one likes to wait! In competitor systems your commands are sent almost always to Europe with the response being quite slow.

By integrating our smart home devices and functions into Alexa, Alexa has information as to the state of a device, be it on or off. Open or closed. Firstly, allowing you to check on devices and issuing commands such as ‘Alexa, is my front door locked?’. Secondly, Netsecure Automation provides the ability to also create custom utterances, allowing us to create precisely the phrase you’d like to use. Use your creativity and make issuing commands such much easier.

Using Amazon Alexa to control your home can provide many other benefits. Control motion sensors by arming or disarming them for parties. Active automation scenes with voice commands. Enable the sprinklers or open garage doors instantly by using your voice. Many customers really like being able to trigger scenes using voice commands. Playing your favorite spotify playlist or turning on the HVAC system can really simplify life.

Amazon’s Alexa is a very cost effective way to interact with your home and its devices using only voice control. With the every expanding list of commands and new functions being added daily, we feel it’s the most comprehensive solution on the market.

We are here to answer all your automation questions! Give us a call to discuss how Alexa can help smart your home and make life just that little bit easier.


Australian Government Cyber Security hack

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In the recent days the Australian Government has been the target of a cyber security hack. Whilst details are still scarce, it’s important to be vigilant with your internet presence. Netsecure Automation  recommend spending some time going through your devices and ensuring you have adequate passwords in place. For example, your WIFI password should always be a mix of letters, numbers and special characters. And, ideally not the one printed on the bottom of your device.


Stay secure!

Today, News.com.au published this article which details more of what’s occurred. We also recommend you visit cyber.gov.au for more information on how to remain secure. Every day, millions of new devices are connected to the internet. Many with less than ideal levels of security. Daily we spend alot of time our time browsing the web and communicating. With such a heavy reliance on the internet it’s incredibly important to review how secure you really are.

Netsecure Automation have over 20 years of IT experience with a wealth of knowledge in this area. Further, we’ve have helped many home users and businesses remain protected. Simply by implementing best practice security. We can help you review your devices and make the corrective actions to remain protected. We understand it can be complex knowing what’s right. So give us a call or drop us an email to discuss what we can do with your smart home in Sydney.



Welcome to the new Netsecure Automation

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We’ve been using our isolation time to work on the website a little, with a fresh feel. We hope you enjoy it!

We’ve been helping many small businesses over the break with technology to enable our clients to work from home. If you’re running a business and need a secure method to work from home, connect into your office securely and operate as if you were right in the office please give us a call! We have a range of cost effective solutions that can help.

With building works starting up again, it’s time to get on top of planning out your automation, audio visual and surveillance needs.  We have a large range of technology solutions to provide comfort, enjoyment and security for your next building project.  If you’re not aware the NSW government has offered a $25,000 grant to renovation and new builds over $150,000. What better time to discuss your automation dreams with Netsecure Automation. We can help you build any smart home dream you may have.

Most importantly, stay safe and look after yourselves.




The new Doorbird D1101V

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The new Doorbird smart Intercom – D1101V

The new DoorBird D1101V has just been released worldwide, offering a smaller footprint and cost. Whilst it looses the RFID ability it still provides most of the features of its bigger brother the D2101V in a much smaller footprint. With newly released brackets allowing angled mount or even corner mount, the D1101V provides much more flexibility. An improved image sensor from Sony with updated lens provides great day and night time images and video.

Here’s what DoorBird had to say:

Bird Home Automation releases the new IP door station with integrated 1080p camera and WiFi connectivity



With the DoorBird D1101V, the latest IP video intercom from Berlin-based manufacturer Bird Home Automation is now available worldwide. The D1101V with one call button combines a compact, elegant design with DoorBird’s IP technology. It comes as a surface-mounted and flush-mounted version. The smart intercom sends push notifications when the call button is pressed, allowing you to talk to visitors and see them live via smartphone, tablet or indoor station.

“The DoorBird D1101V is compact, WiFi-enabled and ideal for single-family homes”, says Sascha Keller, CEO Bird Home Automation. “This IP video door station combines new components such as the 1080p camera and the Bluetooth module for access control. Further it provides excellent audio quality from the integrated speaker in a small housing with a stainless-steel front panel”.

Stainless steel, IP65 , flush or surface mounted. The new DoorBird D1101V smart intercom is the leading product on the market. Providing superior integration options that work with Netsecure Home Automation products , you’ll never miss a visitor.

These units are available now and provide a good cost saving over the larger model, the D2101V. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you simply visitor entry.. DoorBird ensures security, privacy and convenience.




Z Wave improvements for 2020

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ZWave Improvements for 2020!

I’m really excited to hear that the Z Wave Alliance have been working hard on ZWave improvements in 2020. Dubbed Z Wave 700 series there are some dramatic improvements that provide real benefits to consumers.

Dramatic battery life improvement

Many consumers are turned off by the notion of using batteries to operate their smart home devices. The good news is that the 700 Series has taken leaps and bounds in this area. As a result, in the realm of a 60% improvement to battery life which can extend the battery of such devices to nearly 10 years.

Extended coverage

Good news for large ZWave installations that have had issues with coverage or range. A staggering 250% increase in ZWave range. What is yet to be seen is if there is an increase in hop count to cater for the largest of networks. Increased hop counts mean a denser mesh. This mesh also has alternate paths for devices to communicate increasing the resiliency and range.

There are further improvements to security as well. Previously security was optional when including devices into the network. This has now has been made mandatory for the 700 series. It will be interesting to see how this pans, as a result there may be an increase in ZWave traffic on the network by having security as a mandatory feature. Time will tell!


One of the fantastic benefits for consumers though is ZWave still provides 100% interoperability . This is great news for smart home buyers worried about ensuring their devices play nicely. ZWave devices must be certified by the alliance to ensure they play nicely by being backward compatible. This is a really nice feature that provides consumer with peace of mind when choosing their ZWave devices.


I’m excited by the huge ZWave improvements for 2020 and an it’s exciting time for consumers. I’m really looking forward to having Fibaro’s Motion Sensors operating for up to 10 years on a single battery.

One of the great things for Netsecure Automation customers is that adding ZWave 700 Series devices into your smart home will be straight forward. Plugged in via USB into your existing IHP Server, this allows the system to take onboard new 700 Series devices. It also ensures existing devices still operating perfectly. Fantastic news!


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great, relaxing and safe break and we wish you a happy new year. The bush fires have been causing devastating loss across the country and our hearts go out to those who are effected in any way. Stay safe and vigilant! We are praying for rain for you.

Here’s hoping to a great year – if you’re undertaking renovations or building a new home make sure you contact us to help plan. We are only too happy to provide free advice. We have some exciting plans for the year ahead. Over the break we have been refining our platforms to provide faster in app access with some great new improvements in dimming control. Further, we’ve refined our multi room audio platform to provide latency free streaming across the home. If you’re thinking of entertaining this summer you need to see what we can provide on this front. All of your favorite streaming services are available. Even if you’ve a large in home audio library, we can help you too! Streaming all of that content in 24bit quality, latency free, across the home.

Large smart home owners in Sydney

We’ve been working hard to help our Z Wave customers in large homes. Using a partition mechanism, we can now split the home into discreet Z Wave networks. This allows a huge increase in performance, whilst also overcoming challenging installations. There are no short comings in having multiple Z Wave networks within the home. The same user interface still has visibilty across the entire home. From a usability perspective, nothing changes. Increased speed, bigger coverage and over 1000 devices can be supported. All the benefits, none of the down sides.

Drop us a line if you’re looking at ZWave lighting for your home or renovation and find out how we can help. Happy New Year!


Yes we are working through the break!

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Yes! we are working through the break!

We’ve taken the wraps of our Darling Point project and handed over the system to it’s new owners. It’s definitely a nice Christmas present to move into a newly renovated and automated smart home. They will be able to soak up the view of the Harbour over Christmas with a little mood lighting from their fully automated lighting system.

Our next project over in Summer Hill kicks off just after Christmas. A CCTV and smart lock integration system so our clients can open the women’s fitness centre remotely if needed! Our clients will be able to program the lock from anywhere by creating user codes for guests. If you’re an inner west resident, female and looking to get into shape there’s no better place to visit! Go and have a chat to Liza at Warrior Women Fitness.

We have also finalised our Daikin Air Conditioning integration. If you have an ducted Daikin system and are considering about adding automation such as app control and Alexa voice control, give us a call. We have a fantastic product that really makes the Daikin shine!

And it wouldn’t be the busy period if we didn’t fit in a little more. Our good friends at RPG Demolition will be able to keep an eye on the yard with a large CCTV system going in. Our metal, waterproof and superior image quality cameras will be fitted up before the new year.

We are looking forward to 2020. We thank our clients for choosing us to build their smart home and welcome working with you in the future. Merry Christmas to all, please have a safe and happy Christmas!