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Your experts in technology

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Netsecure Consulting, the parent company, was formed back in 2011 where the business was and is still today providing network and security consulting to large organisations such as Westpac Bank and News Corporation.

A passion and love for technology and a desire to make life easier brought about the formation of Netsecure Automation.  Netsecure’s history spans 20 years across many markets both locally and internationally.

Whilst Home Automation is one part of where we excel, there are many more moving parts our customers need assistance with. Netsecure Automation are your technology experts across many areas such as:

  • Securing you from internet threats
  • Leaders in WiFi deployments for the home or office, we provide design, supply and installation
  • Providing advice, design and installation of residential or commercial internet connections such as 4G, Fixed wireless, ADSL and HFC
  • Smart Home services such as lighting, audio, visual and gate/garage solutions
  • Air conditioning and Heating automation experts
  • Residential and commercial CCTV products
  • And many more.

Netsecure Automation is a one stop shop for all aspects of technology and are only too happy to provide customers advice when trying to navigate the vast array of products available on the market. Whether you are building, renovating or looking to refresh or modernise your IT system , Netsecure Automation is available to help.


Benefits of making things smarter

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Life is getting busier. Why not let Netsecure Automation give you some time back in the day? Forget staying home for the tradesman or waiting for that parcel delivery. As this article explains, there are many tangible benefits your smart home can provide. Drop into the home when the kids arrive back from school, keep an eye on pets or tradesman, open doors and gates remotely for deliveries, have lights go on or off at times you choose, illuminate the hall for your late night loo break, warm the living room up when you wake up on a cold morning and much more. We provide a smart home you can’t imagine not ever having!

Contact us today about a system that provides all of this without breaking the bank.



Building a smart home

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How is a smart home built you ask? Almost all smart homes make use of a hub. Popular brands such as Savant, KNX and Control4 are no different. These hubs function as the brain of the network and act as a bus to pass messages between components to realise your smart home.

Netsecure Automation provides a hub with all it’s smart home products, we call this IHP, or the Intelligent Home Platform. This hub is where the devices, scenes, rules and logic happens. The hub is also used to provide connectivity to mesh networks such as Z Wave and Zigbee through the use of dedicated controllers. These controllers connect the wireless networks to the wired networks and allow communication to take place between devices. Our IHP is not an off the shelf product like the Fibaro HCL or the Vera Edge. Our hub is custom built to suit your requirements.

No two homes are the same and nor are the home automation systems within them. If you need a small home automation system for an apartment, then we size IHP for this use case. This is important to keep the system cost effective.

Depending on your integration requirements, almost always a IHP is supplied along with a wireless controller. This provides a solid foundation that allows almost any device to be integrated. These extremely low powered devices generally are placed out of site and mind. They are designed to never required upgrading. Further, you won’t need to buy a new unit when adding new devices, adding functionality or upgrading the software.

We promise.





Smart home benefits

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What are some of the smart home benefits? Firstly, automate common or repetitive tasks. Most importantly it provides comfort, reduces energy and increases your security.

In your new smart home light control is automatic. Further, you’ll never walk into a dark room or forget to turn the lights off again. Netsecure Automation provide full visibility of your home. How you may ask? By integrating security cameras. We also provide visitor entry control from the tip of your fingers which is perfect for courier deliveries. Further, we provide control of popular appliances using your voice such as air conditioners, garage doors, light switches and televisions.

Finally, these are just a fraction of the benefits a well designed, intelligent and reliable smart home can provide.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to just to have a casual chat about your smart home ideas. We love discussing our customers goals and wishes.


Smart alerting

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Did you know Netsecure Automation uses smart, presence sensing alerting? What does this mean you ask. Well, smart alerting takes into account where you are. It makes little sense to send a voice alert to an Amazon Echo if you’re overseas on holidays. Nor does it make sense to send a mobile alert if you are home.

Netsecure Automation uses our presence sensing technology to send alerts to devices you need, when you need them. Send an email alert to your family or friends when you’re out of mobile reach – no problem! Speak to us about how we can help.


Can’t recall if you left a door open?

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Our home automation security products provide real time information to your mobile device about doors and gates. In the event the lock is tampered with, we can even send alerts to your mobile device. This product is perfect for home owners who use dog walking services or rent their home with Air BnB. In these situations digital keys (pass codes) provides ease of access to your home. These keys provide time limited access to your home or office and prevent the age old problem of losing physical keys.

Let us make your technology work harder so your life is simpler


Manage access to your home

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We provide peace of mind when it comes to home security. Our smart home access solution allows our customers to create codes to any smart lock, from anywhere. No cloud connections, no monthly fees. We believe opening your home to the cloud is like giving a stranger in the street a key to your front door. Why trust your data and access to your home to anyone but yourself? No longer do you need to be concerned about managing physical keys to open your home, perfect for short stay accommodation where access to a home needs to be time limited and given to a wide range of people. Need a time limited access code to your home for a dog walker or tradesman? Netsecure Automation can help with your smart home access solution.

Take a test drive of our smart lock solution which shows you just how easy it is! In this video, we create two users and provide them access into the home. Our product allows for easy adding, deleting and searching of users who have access to your home or business.

This product is fantastic for our AirBnB customers or proprietors of gyms.


Cloud solutions, are they secure?

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There are many solutions popping up in the market that use a subscription or per month charging model to provide  access into your cameras from remote locations such as Ring & Nest. These cloud solutions are aimed at making installations pain free but are they secure? A recent Herald Sun article reported that some Australian homes had their in home cameras being live streamed on the internet without their knowing and consent. This is one of many concerns with public cloud solutions. As a consumer you need these questions of your supplier:

  1. Where do you host your cloud solution? in Australia or abroad?
  2. How do I know my data is protected?
  3. Who has access to my information other than me?
  4. How do I verify my data is secure?
  5. what mechanisms are in place to protect my information

Netsecure Automation does not generally recommend public cloud solutions because the answers to these questions leave a lot to be desired. Rather, we use private cloud instances, setup by us but accessible only by you once deployed.

Talk to us about your concerns, we are only too happy to provide free advice.


Test drive a smart home today

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We are the only supplier in Australia that allows you to take a test drive of a smart home. Want to drive our user interface, experience light control, test audio functions, control irrigation or air conditioning? We provide our customers an ability to log in to our portal and drive the user interface of our smart home platform. This gives you first hand experience of what you can expect from your new smart home.

Many home automation companies provide a one size fits all user interface for their customers. Netsecure Automation can provide a cost effective tailored solution for your needs. No two homes are the same, so why should their automation systems be? The options are limitless when it comes to tailoring our system to fit your needs. We can customise any aspect of the user interface to provide a real luxurious feel. Further, we display what you need. The most common functions, accessible easily. No one likes waiting and neither do we so we ensure your system is fast – providing information rapidly. Real time notifications tell you what’s occurring instantly. This allows you to react to events such as CCTV motion when you’re not home.

Give us a call to discuss your demo.


Going on holidays?

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Not home? Why not pretend you are. Netsecure Automation can provide an smart home occupancy scenes designed to turn on and off lights, stereos, televisions and almost anything to simulate you’re home. This useful security feature is the perfect deterrent.

Going out for the night? Easy, issue a voice command to Alexa to turn on your virtual alarm or even have it trigger automatically when you leave the home. Our intelligent scene takes over and controls your devices whilst you’re not home.

Arriving back home ? No trouble. Netsecure Automation’s ‘IHP’ or Intelligent Home Platform will automatically disable the alarm when it detects you are home through presence detection. It can even provide detection through methods such as RFID access on your Doorbird Gate intercom.

Security, convenience and peace of mind.