What can a smart home do for you?

The ideal system is one that doesn’t get in the way and functions without you even knowing, to the point that it is forgotten about. A Netsecure Automation smart home is designed to make your life easier. Light control is automatic, you’ll never walk into a dark room or forget to turn a light off.¬† Have full visibility of your home, even when you’re not there, by having access to cameras deployed almost anywhere to keep an eye on things you deem important. Don’t spend your weekend queued at the Post Office, we can provide you visitor entry control from the tip of your fingers. Command devices such as heating, air conditioning, irrigation, garage door, television and audio using your voice. Forget the keys, leave them at home – we provide secure entrance into your home using any mobile device or a 4 to 8 digit code.

These are just a fraction of the benefits a well designed, intelligent and reliable smart home can provide you.

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Going on holidays? Increase your security with Smart Occupancy.

Not home? Why not pretend you are. Netsecure Automation can provide an occupancy scene designed to turn on and off lights, stereos, televisions and almost anything to simulate you’re home. This useful security feature is the perfect deterrent! Going out for the night? Easy – issue a voice command to Alexa to turn on your virtual alarm or even have it trigger automatically when you leave the home. Our intelligent scene takes over and controls your devices whilst you’re not home.

Arriving back home ? No trouble. Netsecure Automations ‘IHP’ or Intelligent Home Platform will automatically disable the alarm when it detects you are home through presence detection or even through methods such as RFID access on your Doorbird Gate intercom.

Security, convenience and peace of mind.








Who provides an ability to take a test drive of your new smart home? Netsecure Automation do.

We are the only supplier in Australia that allows you to take a test drive of your smart home. Want to drive our user interface, experience light control, test audio functions, control irrigation or air conditioning? We provide this and much more.

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Cloud based solutions, are they secure?

There are many solutions popping up in the market that use a subscription or per month charging model to provide  access into your cameras from remote locations such as Ring & Nest. These cloud solutions are aimed at making installations pain free but are they secure? A recent Herald Sun article reported that some Australian homes had their in home cameras being live streamed on the internet without their knowing and consent. This is one of many concerns with public cloud solutions. As a consumer you need these questions of your supplier:

  1. Where do you host your cloud solution? in Australia or abroad?
  2. How do I know my data is protected?
  3. Who has access to my information other than me?
  4. How do I verify my data is secure?
  5. what mechanisms are in place to protect my information

Netsecure Automation does not generally recommend public cloud solutions because the answers to these questions leave a lot to be desired. Rather, we use private cloud instances, setup by us but accessible only by you once deployed.

Talk to us about your concerns, we are only too happy to provide free advice.




Manage access to your home, whenever and where ever you like.

We provide peace of mind when it comes to home security. No longer do you need to be concerned about managing physical keys to open your home, perfect for short stay accommodation where access to a home needs to be time limited and given to a wide range of people. Need a time limited access code to your home for a dog walker or tradesman? Netsecure Automation can help.



Can’t recall if you left a door open? We can.

Our products provide information about who and by what method a door was opened. We even monitor in real time by integrating our cameras. Never be left guessing.

Let us make your technology work harder so your life is simpler



Light & motion control for the real cinema feel


Netsecure Automation makes you feel at the movies with dimming control and motion control on movie night. This scene disables the living room motion sensor to prevent lights being enabled due to motion and dims the lights at the start of the movie, re-enables motion & lights during pause and when the movie finishes, slowly dims the lights back up to normal operation.

All you need is the popcorn!



Smart alerting


Did you know Netsecure Automation uses smart, presence sensing alerting? What does this mean you ask. Well, smart alerting takes into account where you are. It makes little sense to send a voice alert to an Amazon Echo if you’re overseas on holidays. Nor does it make sense to send a mobile alert if you are home.

Netsecure Automation uses our presence sensing technology to send alerts to devices you need, when you need them. Send an email alert to your family or friends when you’re out of mobile reach – no problem! Speak to us about how we can help.