Power management

Power Management – for the eco savvy can provide real tangible benefits to home automation customers. Each and every power switch can be monitored to provide real time and usage based consumption figures. This information can then be graphed and compared over time. With energy data at your finger tips, you can  begin to make smart decisions. Customers can then make changes to their lifestyle to produce electricity savings.

Integration of popular solar panel inverters is also possible using devices such as the Fronius Primo to track real time statistics. These techniques can then be used as a basis to provide real cost savings by switching on and off devices remotely. Or, it may control devices which have been left on. This efficient scheduling use of turning on and off devices provides huge cost savings.

Let us provide an example. Your home currently generates solar electricity during the day from 10am to 3.30pm in winter. You’d like to benefit from savings by running your hydronic floor heating only when your solar array is producing more than 2kw/hour. Netsecure Automation can set up a defined rule, which checks the solar array output and season then only switches on the floor heating when the conditions are true. This reduces energy costs by running your heating free of charge – when the solar is producing power. This cycle continues throughout the winter months or even longer if required.

Further automation can be built by switching off all devices with the touch of a single button, or the use of an Alexa voice phrase. One of the most useful we’ve found is ensuring all lights, heating and air conditioning is switched off when the building detects that no one is present. This ensure precious energy is saved when no body is home. As you can start to imagine, the possibilities are endless when it comes to energy saving and we see on average a 20% reduction in energy bills within a smart home.