Incredibly smart.

The Fibaro Implant allows you to enhance the functionality of appliances, wired sensors, alarm systems, garage doors and more by adding the power of Z Wave to otherwise “dumb” devices. This tiny sensor has a vast array of functions with a very low cost. Powered by a low voltage plug pack, installation becomes a breeze – even for the DIY’er. Welcome to the Fibaro Smart Implant.

By exposing the dumb functions of old switches, the Fibaro Smart Implant wires into its place and allows users to remotely operate that function. Take a garage door for example, your typical Australian garage motor has 2 PINS which typically unused. These two pins are wired into the Smart Implants inputs to trigger the pin remotely – opening, or closing the door.

Further, another set of inputs of the Implant (Yes, it has more than 1) can be used to monitor the state of a reed switch. Reed switches are typically used to determine if doors are open or closed. These magnetic, under $5 devices are placed on doors or gates. When the magnet is in contact, the door is closed. Wire this reed switch into the Implant and suddenly you can determine if the door is open, or closed. Not only now do you have a flash drive device, which can open your garage door or gate. You also have the ability to determine it’s state.

Automation of the Fibaro Smart Implant

Netsecure Automation can take these inputs and build our interface around it. Providing one touch operation (or automatic operation) of your gate or gate. Further, we can display it’s status. It’s this powerful logic that Netsecure Automation use to build out a smart home. With low cost, low complexity devices , real insight into the home is accomplished.


Garages, gates, electronic strike locks, washing machines. You name it – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.