You’re looking for a smart lock.

You’ve walked the aisles of Bunnings and browsed the eBay ad’s and almost everyone now has a smart lock solution that allows you to throw away your keys. But how do these really perform? What do you need to make these work properly?

As it turns out many of these fall short of our expectations and we would imagine yours too. Whilst there are a lot of great products in a physical sense where they are rather lacking is in the software and usability side.

Netsecure Automation took this challenge on to develop a user interface that would allow our customers to take a smart lock, of almost any manufacturer and integrate it’s functions into our user interface. What we have found is that almost every smart home device on the market comes with it’s own app. Great you might say! I can do what I need to do via the app. But what they don’t tell you is in many cases, you must do this at home, near the lock. Or, if you can do this remotely you must sign up to their monthly subscription based cloud service and hand over your codes and all your information to a third party. Forgive us, but that’s like handing your front door keys to a stranger in the street.

What did we aim to do?

Netsecure Automation set out to do a number of things.

1) Remove the need for a cloud subscription or paid monthly service

2) Leave all data in the hands of the customer

3) Provide a secure and reliable method to program codes from anywhere in the world using your home internet connection

4) Create a dashboard that bundles these programming functions into the same app as all your other smart home devices , allowing you to have one app to control your entire homesydney smart lock

We can confidently say we’ve managed to achieve the goal. We’ve created a robust and easy to use interface for our customers to manage codes. This builds on our existing smart home interface where you control all aspects of your home, from gates, doors, HVAC, lighting and much more.

Take a test drive of the interface yourself in this video. We demonstrate the programming of two user codes from a mobile device, away from the home. The response as you can see, is instant.

Give Netsecure Automation a call or email us to discuss how we can help you provide reliable, secure access from anywhere into your home , office or AirBnB property.








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