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Infinite smart home control

One of the advantages of a well designed smart home is being able to control any aspect, from any device. Anywhere in the world. Modern technology has given us unprecedented control our all aspects of our life and the smart home is no different.

  • Remotely control locks and gates – perfect for letting in visitors, couriers or pet sitters
  • Turn on and off air conditioning – perfect for pets or preheating/cooling your home
  • Forgot to turn off a device? Or perhaps you want to turn something on – Easily achieved with our smart home app
  • Monitor security cameras  – Keep an eye on whats going on, remotely control PTZ cameras to zoom in on things of interest
  • Receive alerts – Receive alerts for open doors or gates
  • Automated lighting, heating and much more – the system uses automation rules to do common tasks without your intervention

Using your voice is another rapidly evolving  control method that works wonderfully. Using natural speech, customised to your environment allows full control of your home using your voice. Further, Netsecure Automation has Australia’s fast responding Amazon Alexa voice control system on the market – we challenge our competitors to find something more reliable and as easy to use.

There are thousands of use cases and possibilities to manage your home and the devices within easily.