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Scenes are where the power of automation truly shows. A scene is an automated routine or set of events that occur when event such as the sun rising occurs. Scenes are configured by Netsecure Automation for your needs. And like most things, there is no limit to the number you can have or how creative you can be.

Without a doubt our most typical scene is actually driven by voice, ‘Alexa, turn off all lights’. This scene will automatically run when you issue a voice command. It will determine the lights that are on and simply switch them off. Other examples are the ‘Entertainer’ which sets low levels of light to mood lights, switches on garden lights and illuminates other ambient lighting such as path or garden lighting.

Scenes remove the cumbersome burden of turning on and off lights, remembering if you left locks unlocked, forgetting to close the garage door or leaving on the air conditioning when you went on holidays.

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