Smart Doors and Gates

Knowing which doors are open is sometimes useful when you’ve left the home. Being able to close or open garages, doors or gates is even more powerful. Imagine having the ability to remotely let family, friends or other visitors into your home without ever having to provide them a key.  Reusable pin codes, automatic relocking and key backup are some of the common features. Door control is fantastic for customers who have animals and use walking services. Netsecure Automation can program your smart doors and gates to provide key codes for your favorite dog walker, upon them entering the home motion recording takes place so you can be sure your pooch has been picked up and returned home safety.

The Fibaro Smart Implant does exactly this. A Z Wave device, half the size of a packet of matches can turn dumb devices into smart ones. Take your average roller door motor in the typical Australian home. Almost all motors have a 2 pin header which allows the Smart Implant the ability to connect into. With two simple wires, you now have control from the Netsecure Automation interface to trigger your garage door – as simple as that. It’s not just doors and gates the Smart Implant can work with – almost any device you can think of. Even previously ‘dumb’ irrigation controllers can be made to work with the Implant.

Pin control on Netsecure Automation’s door products are very powerful for customers who rent out their home using services such as AirBnB. No longer do you need to worry about customers losing keys, just issue a new pin code and automatically relock the lock if the presence detection determines they have left the home with the door unlocked.

The possibilities and uses are endless.

Fibaro Smart Implant

Fibaro Smart Implant