Let Netsecure Automation take some of the confusion out of understanding home automation by using our Smart Home FAQ. Got a question? need something explained in easy to understand terms? We understand there is a lot of industry jargon which makes it difficult to grasp what’s important within a smart home.

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What is Zwave?

Z Wave is a form of wireless communication that uses a low frequency in comparison to other wireless technologies such as WiFi. Many people confuse Z Wave and WIFI – and naturally so.

Let me explain the difference between the two!

WiFi as most know it as, typical deals in one, two or both frequencies. Those are 2.4GHZ and 5 GHZ. These frequencies are also shared by many other appliances in the home such as Microwaves. WiFi has a high frequency to allow for fast data transfer, as the frequency is high, the waves are very close together in the spectrum. This means it’s not overly good at penetrating materials such as concrete.

Z Wave on the other hand is another type of wireless data transmission that uses much lower frequencies and much lower data transfer rates. Because of its licensed, low frequency , it’s excellent at penetrating concrete, glass and timber which makes it ideal within the home. Because it’s a spectrum that is licensed no one other devices but Z Wave devices use it which ensures that interference is non existent from other devices. Home Automation platforms only need small amounts of data transfer so the need for a ultra fast data transfer is not required.

Z Wave has been designed specifically for home automation purposes which make it the ideal choice for your next home automation project.

One of the fantastic benefits of Z Wave is its back wards compatibility with other Z Wave products and it’s superior interoperability. Z Wave products cannot be released onto the market without the Z Wave Alliances certification. This provides reliability and peace of mind for consumers knowing all Z Wave products play nice together. This reason alone is why Netsecure Automation only support Z Wave installations.

Z Wave Ecosystem

Z Wave Ecosystem



Z Wave now has over 3000 products from more than 700 brands worldwide.

What is PoE?

Coming soon!

I see cameras for $59 and cameras for $599, what is the difference?

This is one we get often! Consumers can now buy CCTV cameras from almost anywhere – JB Hifi and Harvey Norman are classic examples. But how do you know if what you’re buying is quality? What is the use of a camera which won’t capture, in high quality, a potential intruder?

Good quality CCTV cameras provide a number of features which we think are mandatory. Power over Ethernet, Metal construction, IK10 Vandal rating and IP68 Water proof rating to name a few. But where the increased price really comes in, is the quality of the image sensor within the camera.

Like high end digital SLR cameras, the aperture size of the camera is important in order to gather as much light as possible in dark settings. This in combination with lux levels, tells you how much light the camera can capture in darkness.  A Lux level of 0 (Darkness) at an aperture of f1.4 lets in TWICE as much light as that of aperture of f2.0.

There is little point in choosing a camera which does not operate in darkness with a fstop sufficient to capture the required light. In general, most cameras can provide good quality images during the day but very few have the ability to do this at night.

It’s important to pay attention to this information when choosing your next camera.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your camera needs. Netsecure Automation provide quality cameras designed to provide usable images in any lighting condition.

Can any home be a smart home?

Absolutely! A common misconception is that you need a new home to take advantage of today’s smart home devices. This is not true. Retrofitting smart home technology to older and new homes is possible. Z Wave manufacturers have designed their products to work with 2 and 3 wire system’s for this very reason.

Smart locks, motion sensors, lighting control are all possible as well as integration with CCTV. Infact, most older homes are even easier thanks to the construction types of that era which made heavy use of double brick walls with cavities make it nice and easy to pull through required cabling. Netsecure Automation typically work with more older than newer homes! Attic spaces and cavities are ideal for placement of smart home wireless relays and allows easy access.

Retrofit Smart Home Technology

Retrofit Smart Home Technology