Monitor your smart home from anywhere.

Mobile, PC, Tablet. Anywhere, any time. In HD quality. Keep watch of what’s important.

Integrates with our Smart Home product


Our Cameras integrate with our Smart Home offering, allowing the use of your cameras as monitor sensors to activate smart lighting.

Ultra low light capability


Ensuring you get usable footage in the event of needing to identify someone or something.

See Live and Recorded footage


Right from your chosen mobile device. Keep an eye on things in real time, in true 1080P or higher quality.

PoE powered to drastically reduce install costs.

No monthly fees, no cloud storage. Secure, on premise data storage without using the cloud. Why trust your data with an overseas company? With Netsecure Automation’s Surveillance products, you’re in total control.

There are many cameras on the market, but how many can you trust to provide true, high quality images in darkness? Most events of interest occur under darkness so it’s important to ensure your system is capable of recording usable footage without light.

Thanks to modern technology, surveillance storage has drastically come down in price. Store your footage for years if needed or automatically overwrite should you wish.

Our cameras use PoE technology, which means they are powered through the data cable. Wireless is too unreliable for mission critical surveillance, so that’s why we only use PoE powered cameras for ultra reliability. No longer do you need 12Volt power or 240volt power at each camera. This drastically reduces the installation costs and simplifies the system. Our PoE network also powers many other smart home devices.


We stand by our products and ability to capture events of interest in the toughest conditions. Our cameras come with a 3 year warranty, our fully weather sealed and designed to be left in the harshest of elements. The all metal construction and ultra low light lens means we can capture motion at 30frames per second in total darkness.



We provide the entire family, or friends to monitor the system easily and safely from anywhere. With touch of the button Video and Still exports from your mobile device, you can rapidly send a clip of an event from your mobile device on the go. See something occurring in real time? Our system will record the footage, including high quality audio and provide you immediate access to it so you can share with loved ones or authorities if need be.

Accessible from any mobile device

High quality audio & video

Real time



We take care of all your installation needs. As a Master Security License holder, we are authorised to provide and install surveillance products.

Step 1
We'll help you decide the best location for your cameras
Step 2
We'll provide a comprehensive quote to suit your needs, detailing camera placement and the amount of storage required.
Step 3
We provide all installation and configuration. As a specialist IT and Automation company, we take care of all the configuration and setup across any of your devices.


As a trusted supplier and installer, we’re here to help. Need advice on the right camera for your home? Confused about all the jargon? Give us a call.