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Live in Sydney and have a Doorbird? How often do you receive a call to find the courier or visitor has already left? Unfortunately, for many Australian customers the speed of which calls are received is rather poor.  One of the amazing benefits of the Doorbird though is a very extensive integration list . This allows Netsecure Automation the ability to deploy an on premise SIP box allowing one or more mobile devices to register and receive calls from the Doorbird instantly.

Customers see a 4 fold increase in speed, with almost instantaneous response from the Doorbird. This allows you to use voice and video to your Doorbird , unlock one or more gates and doors and trigger the IR light on the Doorbird.

Without a doubt, Doorbird provides the most reliable, feature rich and amazing looking product on the market and their service and support is second to none. One of the many reasons we recommend our customers to the product.

If you’ve got questions about Doorbird or would like us to help solve your speed issues – give us a call!

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