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Using Amazon Alexa to control your home is a powerful tool. The Amazon Alexa API is a constantly evolving technology that allows smart home integrators to make full use of voice

automation. This automation can control lighting, doors, irrigation and much more.

Netsecure Automation provides customers local access to Amazon Alexa via an Australian skill, hosted within Amazon. There by ensuring voice commands you issue to your home are responded too much faster than our competitors. No one likes to wait! In competitor systems your commands are sent almost always to Europe with the response being quite slow.

By integrating our smart home devices and functions into Alexa, Alexa has information as to the state of a device, be it on or off. Open or closed. Firstly, allowing you to check on devices and issuing commands such as ‘Alexa, is my front door locked?’. Secondly, Netsecure Automation provides the ability to also create custom utterances, allowing us to create precisely the phrase you’d like to use. Use your creativity and make issuing commands such much easier.

Using Amazon Alexa to control your home can provide many other benefits. Control motion sensors by arming or disarming them for parties. Active automation scenes with voice commands. Enable the sprinklers or open garage doors instantly by using your voice. Many customers really like being able to trigger scenes using voice commands. Playing your favorite spotify playlist or turning on the HVAC system can really simplify life.

Amazon’s Alexa is a very cost effective way to interact with your home and its devices using only voice control. With the every expanding list of commands and new functions being added daily, we feel it’s the most comprehensive solution on the market.

We are here to answer all your automation questions! Give us a call to discuss how Alexa can help smart your home and make life just that little bit easier.

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