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We are the only supplier in Australia that allows you to take a test drive of a smart home. Want to drive our user interface, experience light control, test audio functions, control irrigation or air conditioning? We provide our customers an ability to log in to our portal and drive the user interface of our smart home platform. This gives you first hand experience of what you can expect from your new smart home.

Many home automation companies provide a one size fits all user interface for their customers. Netsecure Automation can provide a cost effective tailored solution for your needs. No two homes are the same, so why should their automation systems be? The options are limitless when it comes to tailoring our system to fit your needs. We can customise any aspect of the user interface to provide a real luxurious feel. Further, we display what you need. The most common functions, accessible easily. No one likes waiting and neither do we so we ensure your system is fast – providing information rapidly. Real time notifications tell you what’s occurring instantly. This allows you to react to events such as CCTV motion when you’re not home.

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