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Netsecure Consulting, the parent company, was formed back in 2011 where the business was and is still today providing network and security consulting to large organisations such as Westpac Bank and News Corporation.

A passion and love for technology and a desire to make life easier brought about the formation of Netsecure Automation.  Netsecure’s history spans 20 years across many markets both locally and internationally.

Whilst Home Automation is one part of where we excel, there are many more moving parts our customers need assistance with. Netsecure Automation are your technology experts across many areas such as:

  • Securing you from internet threats
  • Leaders in WiFi deployments for the home or office, we provide design, supply and installation
  • Providing advice, design and installation of residential or commercial internet connections such as 4G, Fixed wireless, ADSL and HFC
  • Smart Home services such as lighting, audio, visual and gate/garage solutions
  • Air conditioning and Heating automation experts
  • Residential and commercial CCTV products
  • And many more.

Netsecure Automation is a one stop shop for all aspects of technology and are only too happy to provide customers advice when trying to navigate the vast array of products available on the market. Whether you are building, renovating or looking to refresh or modernise your IT system , Netsecure Automation is available to help.

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