Z Wave wireless lighting control

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Smart Lighting using ZWave

Been thinking about a Z Wave wireless lighting system? Looking for a Smart Lighting Service in Sydney for your next renovation project or new home? Intelligent lighting is one of the pillars of a smart home. Netsecure Automation makes use of Z-Wave technology to offer wireless home lighting control. Dimming, On-Off, Motion and Scene driven are some of the available options. As an alternative to traditional wall plates, Netsecure Automation can program wireless scene controllers in place of a typical light control which offers up to a staggering 16 functions per device. For the eco savvy power control can provide real tangible benefits to home automation customers. Each and every power switch can be monitored to provide real time and usage based consumption figures. This information can then be graphed and compared over time to see how much energy your home uses. Customers can then make changes to their lifestyle to produce electricity savings.

Wireless scene controllers are rechargeable, slimline remotes that can be mounted anywhere in the home. These devices operate offer touch and swipe control, allowing you to switch on, off, dim and make use of scenes such as turning all devices off when you leave the home, or playing your favorite playlist when you arrive home.

Let Netsecure Automation provide your Smart Lighting Service in Sydney